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Dr Saravanan Lakshmanan 

The Founder Chairman & MD of Abhijay Hospital / ARC International Fertility & Research centre. He has dedicated his life to medical profession. Abhijay Hospital was started in 2004 in Chennai as a Primary care facility. Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan & Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan are the FIRST Generation doctors in their community. With consistent dedicated, focused hard work, they have uplifted the facilities of Abhijay Hospital and achieved a tremendous growth in 1 decade. The hospital has catered over 250,000 outpatients and has successfully performed 20000 major surgeries in various surgical specialties with 25000 inpatients. Systematic Approach, Clear transparent patient care and strict adherence to medical ethics have gained a very good reputation and become one of the best Hospitals in Chennai. The Hospital is now a multispeciality and Super specialised Infertility centre with more than 100 beds and 2 Inhouse apartments ( having 22 furnished deluxe houses) for International and domestic clients. The Doctor couple have complimented each other is their specialization. His successful career is because of his approach, patience in listening and skillful management. He has completed his Fellowship in Clinical Andrology and specialised in treating male infertile partners. His hard work has fetched a GOLD MEDAL in his Embryology programme and received it from His Excellency, Honourable Governor of TN Dr. Rosiah. He is now a multi faceted and multi disciplinary personality in medical field. His vision is to make our country recognized globally on research and treatment in IVF.


Dr Mahalakshmi Saravanan

Founder Director of Abhijay Hospital / ARC International Fertility & Research centre. She is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist. With over 15 years of vast experience in Obstetrics / Gynecology / Laparascopy / Hysteroscopy & Infertility. She has successfully treated more than 15000 couples from 35 countries across the world. She has conducted more than 6000 normal deliveries and C-sections. She has performed more than 8000 laparascopies and hysteroscopies. She has presented papers and published research articles in various International journals.She has expert multi disciplinary  skills and given excellent results in

  •  High risk pregnancy services
  •  Advanced Laparascopy surgeries
  •  Therapeutic Hysteroscopies
  •  Advanced Fertility treatments

She is a member of

  • ASRM ( American Society of Reproductive Medicine )
  • ESHRE ( European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology)
  • ISAR ( Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction)
  • IFS (Indian Fertility Society)
  • IMA ( Indian Medical Association)



Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"

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