Our Team

Our Team

The story of ARC curves along the journey of two individuals: Dr. Saravanan Lakshmanan & Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan. From being batch-mates to becoming life-mates and now work-mates, they have all along shared a common dream: Excellence in Super Specialty Reproductive Medicine.

To achieve this, they cultivated complementary skills (Gynaecology & Anaesthesiology) and being first-generation doctors, they literally made their own careers. Even in their early days, they effectively handled high-risk pregnancies without any senior guidance.

The self-reliance was also the primary driver of innovation and leadership in their clinical practice which was also showcased through their early adoption of “cashless insurance” that made them prominent in the locality (Perambur: a suburban area in the northern part of Chennai) where they first began their clinic (in the year 2000).

DRM (Germany) PhD

Professor- Dept of Reproductive Medicine, Saveetha...

Director of
Hospital Administration

Mr.Krishnamoorthy is the Director-Admin of the organization. He has completed...

Chief Financial Officer

Mr.N.Sundar is the CFO of the organization. Is well-versed in all aspects of financial management ranging from...

Mr.Sathya Narayanan
Chief Revenue Officer

Mr.Sathya Narayanan is a CRO with a passion for innovation and spontaneity ensures performance, strategy ..

Lab Director

Mrs.Sargunadevi had graduated in Biochemistry and had done her masters in Biotechnology. After a brief IVF....

Mrs.Lilly Ravikumar
Lab Manager

Having multiple years of experience in various fields. Have been a Research Assitant in drug resistance studies, and...