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Coming in terms with infertility is a difficult task. For years you try to conceive, but failing at every step takes a toll on you. But there is no reason to be sad or morose over the fact. With the development in medicinal technologies, treating almost every cases of infertility is possible. A good doctor and a good clinic can do wonder and that is why ARC Fertility will be perfect for you. ARC Fertility provides consultations and treatment to thousands of patients and has a huge success rate. If you are thinking that you don’t live anywhere near a ARC Fertility clinic, then how are you going to get an access to the consultations of the doctors in the clinic? Then you will be glad to hear that ARC is providing online consultation via Skype to their patients.


Technology has come a long way, so why not take full advantage of them? Skype – the online video calling service is the perfect way to interact between the patients and the doctor who are staying miles apart. This method of video calling has been adopted by many a clinic across the globe, so why not ARC? It gives the benefit of actually seeing the doctor and vice versa. It may not be a face-to-face conversation but it is certainly the next best thing. You will be able to see the doctor and that gives a certain amount of assurance.

Individual Skype profile
Each and every doctor at our fertility clinic has their own individual Skype profile. In this way you won’t have to wait for someone else to finish their conversation before you can begin yours with your own consultant. Having an individual Skype profile allows you share your personal details, which are related to your fertility problems, without worrying that someone else will listen to it. ARC Fertility assures that all the conversations are private and there is no chance of any hacking or breach to listening to your conversation.

Make an appointment
Owing to the rush of patients that ARC sees, it is always advisable that you make an appointment before making a Skype video call. When you register your name with the centre, you will be given a time slot, within which you have to calk the doctor to have a conversation about your issues. You should maintain the time frame, as failure to call within the allotted time may lead to the cancellation of your registration.

Be prepared
Try to be prepared with your medical reports and your issues. Try to provide them as fast as possible. Remember that there are more patients like you, who are also waiting for their turn. So it is requested that you must be prompt and swift in providing all the details, required for a consultation.

Why Choose ARC Fertility?
ARC Fertility always keeps up with the modern times and the advancing technology. It is for this reason that they have adopted this new and novel method in Indian fertility treatment. They maintain a cluster of patients all over India and Skype provides a good platform in connecting with them.

Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"