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When you are at a fertility clinic to understand what is wrong, the doctor will have to collect samples for checking the cause of infertility. However, when collecting the samples the male has to provide his semen for a checkup. The doctor will check the semen for – sperm count, sperm motility and quality.

Prepare Yourself for Sperm Sample Collection

  • Make an appointment with the fertility doctor or the clinic, either to produce your sample at the clinic or doing the procedure at home and drop it of at the lab.
  • Refrain yourself from any sexual activities for at least two days before sample collection, but don’t make it more than 10 days. This includes no sex or ejaculation, including masturbation.
  • Longer or a shorter period of abstinence will result in low quality sperm with low sperm count and motility.
  • Waiting too long for ejaculation before sperm collection is not a good idea as it kills the old sperms, which will give wrong results in the sample.
  • No smoking, drinking or any kinds of drugs in the 10 days leading to your sperm collection.

Collecting the Sperm Sample

The most common way to collect your sperm sample is by masturbation. You will be provided a room in the clinic, where you can perform your ejaculation to collect the sample. First and foremost be clean. Take a shower before coming to the clinic and wear clean underwear. Sanitize your hands thoroughly before getting down to action. Don’t use any kind of lubricants for masturbating, not even your saliva. Don’t collect your sperm sample in a condom. Use the sterilized container provided by the clinic.

The best way to get an optimum result is by keeping everything clean and sterile. So don’t touch the inside of the cup. While ejaculating, if any semen falls on the ground, don’t scoop it up. Leave it and start again. Once you are done, put the lid immediately.

If you are planning to collect the sample at your home, make sure that you submit it within an hour of the ejaculation.

Why Choose ARC Fertility?

ARC Fertility is a state-of-the-art fertility clinic that knows what its patients need. ARC will provide you with the latest treatment procedures and they will take good care in handling the samples collected from its patients. The patients are provided with all the privacy to deposit their samples and the lab will conduct test to provide an accurate result on the condition of the sperms.

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