Fibroid also known as Fibroids, leiomyomas, or myomas are the growth of noncancerous tumors in the uterus. Around 20%-50% of women during their reproductive age develop fibroids. These tumors can be as small as a bean or in some cases can also take the shape of a melon. Chances of fibroids being developed in a female reproductive system are when her estrogen levels are higher, which is usually between 16-50 years of age. Hence, if one wants to lower the risks associated with fibroids, it becomes necessary to lower down the estrogen levels as well. If a woman is a patient of obesity, then she is expected to face more problems. ARC helps woman undergoing such problems to eradicate the root cause of this disease so that the women can lead a healthy life.

Types of Fibroids:

Depending on various cases, different types of fibroids have been found. They have been discussed here for better understanding of the disease.

  • Intramural Fibroids: This is the most common and most dangerous type of fibroid as it may grow larger in size and stretch your womb. This will not only be painful but also cause much problems during conceiving. They appear within the muscular wall of the uterus and affect the entire reproductive system as a whole. As intramural fibroids often lead to expand the uterus, this phenomenon is mistaken by many as pregnancy.
  • Subserosal Fibroids: Subserosal fibroids grow on the outside of female uterus and usually cause no apparent symptoms until and unless they grow large enough to cause interference to any adjacent body organ. In some cases, they may grow on one side and making the womb look bigger from one side alone.
  • Pedunculated Fibroids: When subserosal fibroids or tumors start developing a stem, than it gives rise to pedunculated fibroids. These fibroids grow on the stalk from the outer surface of the uterus or in the cavity of the uterus.
  • Submucosal Fibroids: This is the rarest type of fibroid and often leads to heavy bleeding and menstrual cramps. If a woman is having a submucosal fibroid, then she might face problem in conceiving. She will require medical attention for conceiving. They develop in the muscle layers of your uterus and can create extreme uneasiness once developed.

Why Choose ARC?
The reason why ARC is approached by a number of women is the satisfaction that people get after being treated from this place. ARC has been serving people for years now and its dedicated team of skilled professionals is devoted to solve your problems with ease while maintaining privacy and keeping your personal details secure. The doctors are friendly and try to make their patients feel comfortable so that they can share delicate details that are relevant to be done, before deciding on the course of action. Fibroids is a disease that is associated with females reproductive system, hence if you want to avoid any complications during your next pregnancy or don’t want to face any problem while conceiving, then approaching doctors at ARC can help you solve all your problems.

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