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Treatments nowadays are surely very costly. Infertility programs are no exceptions to this statement. There are a lot of different assessments and diagnosis that the couple would need to go through before the cause of infertility can be understood. More often than not, infertility cannot be justified and it is claimed to be "unexplained infertility". There might be hundreds of different causes of an "unexplained infertility". But whatever the case may be, if you are in some trouble due to your infertility problems, the trained professionals at ARC can surely help you out.

Medical Insurances
Having medical insurances is surely the best option one can avail of in any unpleasant circumstances. Thus, you should inform the insurance provider about your condition and your visit to the hospital. This is in order to make sure that your requirements are met. Thus your benefits would be reduced if the service provider gives you the insurance cover. You would be responsible for the payment of the bill and all the hospital expenses. There are forms available at ARC for the patients who are covered under Medicare. They should fill up the form during the process of registration.

Maintaining the Medical Records
The patients are treated with high priority at ARC. Thus, confidentiality about your treatment is maintained with the greatest precautions. The medical records will be available as soon as the treatment at ARC is complete and can be availed. The process to avail of the medical records at ARC is quite easy. You would need to contact the authority at the hospital and fill in the authorization form.
The authorization form would be valid for a period of about 12 months from the date of signing the form.
Accurate information should be filled into the form. Failure to provide accurate information would result in the delay of obtaining the medical records.

Other options
There are various financing options available today to meet the monetary requirements. Loans are offered by various agencies that can be paid back at a low EMI. You should check the various organisations offering such loans and compare them to get the possible plan for yourself. Other than that, there are organisations that partner with the hospitals and clinics and offer the financial aids required during the treatment. You can even consider such options. The EMIs that need to be paid might be the deciding factor on which one to go with.

Not only that, even banks are providing loans these days to infertile couples to continue their treatment. There are also various grants and aids offered to them. Even the government has various schemes to help the people who are in such predicaments. You can even approach the hospital to see if they offer any concession for those couples who are in need of it.
At ARC, you would find great help from the professionals and they can guide you about the financing options that are available while getting treatment from them. If you are in need of money for infertility treatment, explore the various options and seek help from the experts at ARC.

Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"