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Infertility treatments are known to be very costly and are surely out of reach of the average Indian. Therefore, a backup plan is always needed to cope up with the situation. A financial crisis is inevitable if the couple seeks infertility treatment. Most people would not have an insurance done with respect to infertility treatments. There are some insurance companies which would not offer insurance cover on infertility treatments. Thus, a loan is the only option available at such a moment to avail of the treatment required at such times. There are many professionals at ARC, who will be eager to guide you on the journey and make it much less difficult.

How to solve the Financial Crisis?
Not many couples do plan to have an insurance plan to cope with the problems of their infertility. Infertility problems are not covered in the normal Medicare or Mediclaim policies in India. Thus when a couple gets diagnosed with infertility, they find themselves in a serious predicament. The road in front of them is surely quite rugged and bumpy and if they seek treatment, it is bound t be really expensive. Considering that they did not have a backup plan, a loan is the only way that this financial situation can be handled.

Infertility Loans
Nowadays there are many organisations and insurance companies that have separate schemes to provide loans to infertile couples. Even there are banks who have done the same. But your choice of the insurance company should depend heavily on the amount of the EMI that you would need to pay back after the treatment is complete. The diagnosis of infertility is followed by several treatment methods, most of which are thoroughly costly. Most people would not like to go as far as to attempt In Vitro Fertilisation if the other available methods provide a proper solution. Considering that all such treatments fail and In Vitro fertilisation is imminent, the couple should get the loan from the organisation which offers the best plan that is suited to the couple.

Banks provide loans for infertile couples
There are also many banks that have made ties with clinics or hospitals to make it easier for the infertility couples to find a financial solution more easily. The clinics would recommend the banks and make the transactions easier for the couple through the mutual tie-up. This is really a very innovative approach, one that is sure to help couples who are in distress over the fact. Most infertile couples would be in a lot of stress, going through regular evaluations and diagnosis. Having easier access to a bank which would provide loan for the treatment would surely be a boon.
Thus financial loans can be availed of from various organisations and banks. However, they should be checked out thoroughly to find out the best available option. ARC can help out in such a problem as it has a lot of trained professionals who are perfect for the job. Thus, your infertility treatment would not so bothersome after all.

Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"