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Infertility treatments can really get a little hectic. More than that, the cost of such treatment is also quite high. The costs of fighting an infertility problem can bear down upon the shoulder of the ordinary couple. Thus the treatments and health check up should be properly planned. The packages for infertility treatments do vary quite a lot. Therefore before choosing a particular package, a thorough conversation with the physician is absolutely necessary. The trained professionals at ARC are very friendly and can guide you quite well in these manners. They have years of experience in the field and can guide you through the available options and instruct you on which package could be beneficial for you.

The IVF or the ICSI Packages
In Vitro Fertility is often the final option that can be opted when all the other methods of treatment have been given a try. It often so happens that the actual cause of infertility cannot be determined through male factor and female factor fertility tests. For instance, no test has still be designed that can gauge the quality of the eggs in the ovarian follicles. Thus, those couples are awarded the tag of "unexplained infertility". There are many treatments that are available to boost the chances of conception to achieve pregnancy. But they might not be fruitful.

The Package Costs
Thus, the ultimate choice remains as In Vitro Fertility or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. These processes boost the chances of conception by a terrible amount and might result in multiple pregnancies. These processes might be just the answer that you need, but it needs to be kept in mind that they cost a lot. The medicine cost, which contributes mostly is included in the package. The package would also include the cost of Semen Freezing. It alone costs around Rs. 3,500. The OCR medicines and the ET medicines both cost around Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 10,000 and would be included in the package. The scan costs about Rs. 2,500 and the lab charges are about Rs. 6,000. All of these are also included in the package. The Donor ICSI has a cost of around Rs. 3,00,000. This is the charge of the Double Embryo Transfer or the Oocyte and the Sperm Transfer.

Inclusions and Exclusions
The package would include the fees for the physicians - gynaecologists, andrologists and embryologists. The medicines and the embryo freezing costs would be included. It would, however, not include the charges of the sperm, egg or embryo donors or the stimulation drugs beyond day 12. The special injections like those of growth hormones, sugar or prolactin tests, laser hatching would not be included in the package.
If you are at ARC and you have decided to go through the process, have no worries. There are lots of financial plans available and there are many experienced individuals who can help you out.



Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"