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Conceiving a baby is the dream of every settled couple. Thus whenever a problem due to infertility arises, it is a case of serious disappointment. According to statistical data, a couple should not visit the doctor for fertility check up until the second year ends during which the couple has been trying to conceive a child. 90% of all couples conceive within the first 24 months and they can avoid all the hassles. Furthermore, the treatments are always quite costly and you would need proper guidance in this regard. The personnel at ARC understand your problems and they can help you out when you are in need. They are seasoned professionals and have tonnes of experience and it would be a great idea to consult them on the matter.

How much do the Typical Treatments Cost?

It needs to be understood that the cost of the treatment would vary a lot depending on the type of treatment undertaken. Various treatment procedures are there that include ovulation induction, controlled ovarian stimulation and others depending upon the case of infertility. These are the treatments for female factor infertility, which are more common than the male factor infertility. The female factor infertility is more common because there are lots of steps that are involved in the maturing of the ovarian follicles and the ovum being released and travelling to the fallopian tube to get fertilised. The male factor infertility can be treated as well.

Cost of the Procedures

The registration of a couple and consultation at an infertility treatment facility would cost about Rs. 1,000. The physicians would even provide diet counselling and allow follow-up reviews at about 500 in all. Evaluation of male factor and female factor infertility can be done for about Rs. 10,000. The Scrottel Doppler costs about Rs. 2,500, the Trans Rectal Doppler costs Rs. 3,000 while the Penile Doppler would cost about Rs. 4,000. There are also other diagnostic evaluations that would cost accordingly. Ultrasonography and scans are a part of the thorough evaluation during the treatments.

The Ultrasonography of the abdomen or the pelvis would cost about Rs. 2,000. The D2 scan costs around Rs. 500, while the IVI Follicular Scan costs about Rs. 2,000. The list of evaluations would surely seem unfathomable. You would also need an LH/E2/P4, i.e. the D2 IVF Assessment and it would cost Rs. 1,500. The tubal patency performed through laparoscopy costs about Rs. 17,000. The entire diagnosis process is very costly. The IUI (Single insemination) costs about Rs. 5,000, while the double costs about Rs. 7,5000. The HSG, along with medicines would cost around Rs. 3,300.

After these initial procedures, there might be other steps to be coordinated as instructed by the physicians. It is quite easy to get confused amidst all this. But the specialists at ARC are there to take the trouble off your shoulder. Couples, who are unable to shoulder the burden of such high costs would be given proper options to meet their needs. ARC would ensure that your infertility condition gets proper attention.

Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"