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Get care now is an idea to provide health care on demand, which was developed in the developed country but now it has been spreading throughout the world at a rapid speed. Owing to its vast range of services and well accepted among the people all over the world, developing countries are too growing interest. In case of India, there are only a few clinics like ARC that provide this kind of service to its patients in order to provide better accessibility to doctor and better treatment. This type of service is new in India, and there are certain things that you need to know. Let’s look into those factors and know how useful this idea is for you!

What Is The Basic Idea?
This facility is meant to provide medical treatment on demand in case of emergency with the use of virtual platforms that connect expert doctors and the patient. It was developed to serve the older adults, who face problem to move outside their home for a visit to the doctor but now this versatile process has been acting in the various field for decades. Be it a common cough and cold treatment or complex infertility treatment; anything can be diagnosed using this platform.

Who Are Eligible For this!
When it comes to eligibility for instant care, then there is no limit; whenever a person needs immediate ailment, he or she can reach to a service provider like ARC for the proper diagnosis. Providing supportive services and comprehensive treatment is the main aim. For ARC, which is a specialized clinic of infertility, you can avail their get care now service if –

  • Looking for instant treatment
  • You are in search of a clinic that provides complete confidentiality of your personal details
  • Want such a platform where you don’t have to move out for treatment
  • You don’t want to let others know that you are getting treatment of infertility

Besides, this there is a plethora of scope where you can try the get care now facility because the sky is the only limit to this service.

What do You need To Avail This Service?
Availing the get care now service is not a tiresome task; it is meant to provide smooth link up between the patient and doctor. Thus availing this, is pretty easy and you just need the following details –

  • Persona ID proof
  • Platform that can connect you and your doctor
  • Stable internet connection

It is good practice to keep the previous record of treatment closer to you while availing the service for proper diagnosis.

Steps to Get Care Now Service Easily
Two easy steps will lead you to avail this service pretty easily. Steps are mentioned below.

  1. Gather most of your previous treatment details and personal information as much possible as you can
  2. Connect yourself with the clinics like ARC for the service

With the vast range of application and well-equipped clinics like ARC get care now is getting popularity in India at a rapid speed. If you are in need, try this as soon as possible.


Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"