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It might sound a bit absurd as exercise is known mainly for the health benefits that it delivers to individuals. But an excess of anything can be injurious to one’s health. Same is the case with exercise. If you overdo it you are sure to decrease your chances of conception. There are many cases where a woman is unable to conceive because she used exercise exhaustively. It is important to draw a line everywhere. Even if you start exercising 30 minutes a day on a regular basis then you can expect to remain healthy without disrupting your reproductive system. If you are unable to make a balance and have developed a strong addiction towards exercising then it is better you approach a doctor who can suggest relevant precautionary measures. Professionals at ARC are dedicated to solving their patient’s problem and suggest ways where the patient can continue his exercise and at the same time increase chances of conception.
How does exercise affect fertility?
If exercising causes injuries or lack of sleep, then these intense workouts where you exercise way more than what you eat can seriously affect fertility. Over exercising protects your body in some respect but also discourages ovulation at the same time. You may be facing hormonal disruptions as a result of prolonged strenuous exercise which may result in increased cortisol levels and decreased thyroid hormones. This situation promotes poor adrenaline health which is sure to affect fertility and hormones adversely. Extensive exercise also results in a reduction of body fat in one’s body. Body fat is directly related to levels of estradiol which stimulates the development of secondary sex characteristics and also the menstrual cycle. Woman having lower body fat levels face difficulty while conceiving.
Points to keep in mind
Excessive strenuous exercise affects your infertility it does not mean that you should stop exercising. Exercise is one of the best natural ways to keep you healthy and fit. But make sure that you exercise in a moderate way i.e. not more and not less. Exercising in moderation will help you stay healthy without causing any hormonal disruptions or lowering body fat levels. Don’t exceed your workout timing by 30-40 minutes as it might start affecting you adversely and you might start feeling pain or sleepless nights due to excessive workout. You can also consult a fitness trainer if you want but if you have been facing problems while conceiving as a result of excessive strenuous exercise than consult a doctor on an immediate basis.
Why choose ARC?
The doctors working at ARC are experts in their field and aim to solve all your infertility related problems by best possible means. They have treated several women who were unable to conceive due to several factors, excessive exercise being one of them. With ARC looking after your matter you are in safe hands and expect a successful and effective treatment. They have also suggested ways to their previous patients so that they can continue with their workouts without affecting fertility. So you can be sure of their treatment and approach ARC without any hesitation or doubt. They are sure to help you out with every infertility related problem with utmost professionalism.


Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"