A miscarriage is often known as “spontaneous abortion” is the type of pregnancy loss that occurs in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Around 80% of cases have seen miscarriage happening before 12 weeks. It is a disheartening fact, but around 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies end up facing miscarriage. Many women are unaware of its symptoms and hence, unable to approach a doctor for timely precautionary measures. ARC ensures to handle all such cases with utmost sensitivity and reduce the risk of miscarriage amongst pregnant women. Symptoms of miscarriage have been discussed below so that even if any one symptom is apparent, consult a doctor or get in touch with any professional at ARC, they will ensure that you and your baby remains free from probable danger.

Symptoms/ Signs of Miscarriage

Though the symptoms of miscarriage may vary from case to case, some of the most common signs are:

  • Bleeding/Spotting: This is the first apparent sign of miscarriage. However, it should be noted, that every 1 out of 4 pregnant women have this sign, but not all of them are diagnosed with a miscarriage. But still, it is a wise decision to consult your gynecologist, the moment you see bleeding or blood spots on your underpants or toilet tissues.
  • Severe Abdominal Pain: Though abdominal pain is common in some cases, but severe abdominal pain requires immediate medical attention. It may feel like low back pain or pelvic pressure and is usually followed by bleeding or spotting.
  • Weakness: Once any of the above signs are prevalent, the woman is sure to feel extreme weakness and is unable to do any work and feels restless throughout. It is advisable not to take any random medicines for combating weakness, rather in sensitive cases like pregnancy, always every activity should be consulted once with their doctor.
  • Fever and Back Pain: Mild fever might also be noticed in some cases, which may become severe within few days if proper treatment is not taken and the signs of miscarriage will often be accompanied by back pain as well.

Causes of Miscarriage

Infection, Hormonal problems, problems associated with Immune system responses, uterine abnormalities, a physical problem in mother and some others are the main causes of miscarriage in a woman. If a woman is above 35 years of age and is having any disease like diabetes or thyroid, then the risk of miscarriage increases in such cases.

Why choose ARC?

ARC, being one of the elite infertility hospitals has carried out several successful treatments in case of miscarriages. They have a talented pool of highly knowledgeable doctors who are a pro in their work and know what course of actions should be taken to combat particular problems being faced by a woman. Doctors at ARC ensure the highest level of professionalism and also maintain patients data security, so one need not worry before approaching them. Use of modern day technology along with relevant medical treatments is sure to give you a better healthcare experience and help reduce the risk of any problem related to infertility to a minimum.

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