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Obesity has always been considered as a major health concern for many. But not many knew that it can also affect fertility-related matters in women. Researches show that obese women have fewer chances of conceiving and even if they conceive, there are high chances that complications will occur in their pregnancy. Apart from complications, if one analyzes such cases, it is also found that children that are born to obese women are also bound to face health issues in the long run. Hence obesity should not be overlooked and proper treatment should always be followed for having a healthy living and reducing any risk associated with it. Doctors at ARC are always there to help you out with any infertility problem and always try to ensure that both the mother and the child remain safe and healthy.


How is obesity related to fertility?
Obesity is associated with Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome, which is a common cause of infertility. Obesity often leads to hormonal imbalances which make it difficult for women to conceive. It was apparent in a study, that women who are facing obesity problems are unable to conceive even after trying for one year. One out of every five women of reproductive age faces poly-cystic ovary syndrome, which makes it very difficult for them in conceiving. Miscarriage, hypertension, pre-eclampsia, infection, and blood clotting are some of the risks that are associated with obesity being in relation to pregnancy. When a women’s body mass index goes beyond e overweight category, it is then when the problem starts to occur.
Obesity and Insulin Resistance
Women having diabetes are prone to being overweight and obese, and such conditions are often characterized by hormonal imbalance. When hormonal imbalance comes along obesity, it leads to insulin resistance and also affects fertility and starts generating abnormal menstrual cycles within a female body. Insulin resistance is really harmful to women, as it results in anovulation. Anovulation is a stage where a female body is unable to produce eggs properly, hence creating a hindrance in the entire reproductive process. Obese women should never plan pregnancy without prior medical consultation, as it will not only affect the women but also the child that she will be giving birth to.
Why choose ARC?
Giving birth to a child is a divine feeling, but many women are unable to experience this because either they are having an obesity problem or are dealing with some other health concerns. Doctors at ARC conduct a thorough examination and relevant tests to determine the cause of infertility and act accordingly. ARC uses modern day equipment and has industry experts working for them, who ensure that every patient is treated the right way. They have treated many women who were not able to conceive because of obesity, but after undergoing a successful treatment at ARC, they are all happy and satisfied and have a healthy child. The treatments conducted in ARC, are so, that it not only looks after current problems but also stops any problem occurring in the long to both mother and the child. Hence, ARC has become one of the most trusted infertility hospitals in India.



Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"