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Lab Director ARC
Devi had graduated in Biochemistry and had done her masters in Biotechnology. After a brief IVF taining in animal IVF, her embryology career had started in 2005 as a Junior embryologist in Prashanth Fertility and Research Centre, Chennai where she trained in ICSI with Sydney IVF scientists. She took up the role as ‘senior embryologist’ in Manipal Hospitals and ANKUR IVF in 2008 in Bangalore.
Devi moved to work for the Sims Clinic, Dublin, Republic of Ireland in 2009 as a senior embryologist. She joined Prof. Simon Fishel’s Care Fertility team in Northampton in the UK as a senior embryologist in 2011 and working under HFEA regulation.
Upon her return to India, she joined as Lab Supervisor in CRAFT Fertility and Research Centre in 2015 and as a consultant embryologist for the Women’s Centre in Chennai.
Devi joined ARC in October 2017 as the Lab Director and heading the team. She is a HCPC–UK registered clinical scientist and published papers in National and International conferences.

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At ARC we have world-class facilities to provide best in class infertility to every patient consulted and cared by specialists. We are dedicated to providing the best treatment that you deserve. As we understand your longing to have a baby, we work intensely to make it possible for you. We have been providing high-quality treatment to every patient as they expected to get, with the decades of experience we have. We have benefited tens of thousands of our patients to get pregnant and we are eager to add innumerable people to that list.

ARC is a patient-focused network which makes us providing assistance throughout your treatment. We always believe that proper learning about various ideas o fertility and its treatment can help you to make wise decisions regarding treatment and care. We assure that ARC is a trustworthy source of fertility information, products, and services.

Our faculties

  • Doctor

  • DMO

  • Gyanecologists

  • Senior Clinical Embryologist

  • Clinical Embryologist

  • Front Office Admin

  • Pharamcists

  • Lab Technician

  • Radiography Dept

  • IVF Department

  • OT Department

  • Patient Co-ordinator

  • Marketing Manager



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