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Infertility is an increasing issue in today’s fast life. Today all the people in their mature age choose the lifestyle that they want. A lifestyle that consists of decreased physical activity, obesity, smoking, alcohol, unhealthy food habits and stress. All these are the main problems for which most of the couples in India suffer from infertility. Surprisingly, in an analysis, it has been analyzed than after China, India has the most number of infertile couples.

It is a grave problem that leads to most of the broken marriages and even is a grave concern for our Indian culture. It could be mostly also health issues with men and women with sexual dysfunction and can lead to even further marriages.
At ARC Research Centre, situated in Tamil Nadu was created by Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan & Dr Mahalakshmi Sarvana. They have dedicated their whole life to health care, and with 15 years long experience in the field of medicine and administration in hospital industry both of them have taken up the challenge in achieving maximum success in infertility, within a pocket-friendly budget. The centre is equipped with some of the most advanced technologies of the art IVF lab that administers world-class treatments. Due to their sophisticated, ultra sterile (NASA technology) modernized IVF lab together with the care and dedication of the Fertility Consultants the success rates of ARC are remarkably good with great international standards.

Accommodation facilities

They produce a lot of extra facilities and all the necessary facilities that are required for anyone who is from a different country or from a different city. For guests who would be there with the patient or have come for their purpose, there is the availability of rooms and even guest houses which is present in the ARC campus only. In extreme cases when there is no availability of rooms on the hospital campus, the hospital authority takes care that some lodging facility is made available to them, near the hospital.
The private or semi-private rooms that are provided to the patients’ on request and even the guest accommodations have all the public facilities readily available. The church, temple and mosque are just a few minutes away from the guest house. Other facilities such as availability of quick cash from ATM, restaurants, recreational centres, supermarkets and even parlours are very near to the accommodated places that are arranged for the patients who trust ARC for the crucial treatments.
There is a specially assigned by the health care team and patient relations representative to help the patients clear all the documentation processes that are needed if the patient is having any insurance coverage. The patients and guests would be guided in every way possible by the staffs of ARC. Thus a person gets the entire necessary guide to starting their life with a new-born.
ARC provides an infertility treatment at an affordable price and with great care and advanced facilities and equipment. So if you are from a different city or different town or country and want to be treated with the best medical facilities available, then ARC is the place to be.


Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"