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Female Sexual Dysfunction is becoming a common health issue amongst women’s nowadays. The reasons for increased sexual problems may be varied and depends from case to case. Such problems aim to almost cease the intercourse process after a time, which not only affects the couple’s relationship but also creates many problems with the conception. If proper treatment is not given then the results might be even worse in some cases. But many women are hesitant to talk about this problem and hence don’t visit a doctor for a proper treatment. Doctors at ARC make sure that every patient who visits them feels comfortable from the very first session so that he can share his problems clearly and relevant course of treatment could be decided based on his problems.
Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction
Most of the women experience female sexual dysfunction at some point of time or the other and the causes could be various. Several physical, psychological, and hormonal causes are responsible for such problems. Low estrogen levels, excessive intake of antidepressants, substance abuse, untreated anxiety, and sexual abuse in the past are some of the causes of sexual dysfunction in women. Whatever be the cause, but if it is not treated timely, then the women may face more problem in future relating to infertility and her inability to conceive may leave her depressed and mentally exhausted. Hence female sexual dysfunction should not be overlooked and preventive measures need to be taken timely to avoid enhanced problems.
Symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction
You can only start early treatment if you are able to identify the symptoms of a disease. Same is the case with female sexual dysfunction. The symptoms can also vary depending on the type of female sexual dysfunction that you have. Low sexual disorder, sexual arousal disorder, orgasmic disorder, and sexual pain disorder are the symptoms which can trigger infertility problems in you. Of the above symptoms, low sexual desire is the most common symptom that has been evidenced in most cases followed by sexual pain order. All these symptoms make intercourse very painful for women and it reduces the desire for sexual activities eventually over a period of time. So when you start noticing any such symptom then make sure to consult a doctor on an immediate basis.
Why choose ARC?
The main thing that makes ARC the ultimate choice for every patient is the dedication that the professionals exhibit towards each patient and try to treat them by choosing the best possible method. They make sure that every patient’s data security and identity is safeguarded, hence the women need not worry about visiting this hospital for treatment. The hospital has helped many couples in the past to conceive naturally and provided relevant medication and therapies which even stopped the re-occurrence of such problems in future. All the patients are really happy with the treatment as it not only helped them overcome their sexual problems but also helped them in living a healthy life. The tools and equipment used in the hospital also match modern day standards and aim at delivering premium service at any cost.


Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"