Timing & Frequency Of Intercourse

Timing & Frequency Of Intercourse

Timing & Frequency Of Intercourse

Many people want to conceive but are unable to do so due to several factors. There is a certain time when a woman is at her highest productive stage every month. If one tries to conceive during that time that there are higher chances that a woman will be able to conceive. Timing and frequency of Intercourse can considerably affect the reproductive process and increase the chances of fertilization. But it is advisable always try to consult a professional who has been working in the relevant field for years. Doctors at ARC have extensive experience in dealing with matters related to reproductive concerns and will prove to be the best companion on your way to help you out all your infertility problems.

Intercourse Timing

If you want to increase your chances of conceiving, then try to have intercourse two days before or on the day of ovulation. This time frame is considered to be most productive as during this time there will be a healthy supply of sperms in your fallopian tube when eggs are released. This way the chances that an egg and a sperm will combine and start the fertilization process remain at an all-time high. The main problem arises concerning ovulation timing, as many women are unaware of this. Well, three ways can help you know about your ovulation period. You can either use an ovulation calculator, ovulation prediction kit or address some symptoms of ovulation like a change in basal body temperature and cervical muscles. But these things are not as easy as they sound and require professional medical guidance.

Intercourse Frequency

There is a fertile window that is made up of your menstrual cycle and the length of this productive phase is determined by the life span of your partner’s sperm and your eggs. Many people argue that intercourse should be reduced during this phase as it increases the sperm supply. However, this statement does not hold well in many cases. Couples with normal fertility conditions should increase the frequency of intercourse in the fertile window as it increases the chances to conceive at a considerable rate. Couples who undergo intercourse multiple times during this fertile window have higher chances of conception. Though increased intercourse frequency can indeed reduce sperm count, but still frequent intercourse in people having normal fertility conditions proves to increase chances of conception.

Why choose ARC?

Infertility is a sensitive case and you cannot approach anyone for this problem. Try to consult a professional who has extensive experience and knows about every related aspect. The professionals at ARC make sure that you are comfortable throughout each session so that you can easily discuss your problems without any hesitation. Your privacy and data security are of prime concern at this hospital so one need not worry about that. ARC should be your obvious choice as the professionals working there can help you out in planning the intercourse strategies like its timing, duration, and frequency for having the highest chances of conception. ARC justifies itself by being amongst top infertility problems hospitals of India and continues to solve the infertility problems of millions of people.

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