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People often get confused between depression and feeling sad or low. There is a huge difference between the two as feeling sad or low is momentary, it might be that at a certain time you are feeling low but after few minutes you get back to normal. But this is not the case with depression. It is a serious disease that results in a lack of interest in performing any activity or gives a constant feeling of low self-worth and guilt feelings. Depression has become the most common mental disorder nowadays and the cases relating to depression has also seen tremendous growth. The teams at ARC helps get you back to normal, so you don’t feel bad about yourself and start living a healthy and happy life again.

Causes of Depression
It is believed that this disorder is not a result of a single causative agent but a combination of causes is behind its development. Some of the most common causes of depression are:

  • Life events: Any unpleasant life event that has adversely affected the life of an individual is the most common cause of depression in most cases. The life event could be related to any domain like work issues, relationships, financial problems, bereavement and others. All this leads to extreme pressure building within an individual and he starts feeling down and starts to derogate his self worth.
  • Drugs: It is always said that self medication is dangerous to one health, but still many people tend to overlook this statement and take medicines from chemists by just stating few symptoms. It is seen that in such cases, the medicines react negatively and may also lead to depression in some cases.
  • Abuse of alcohol: Excessive intake of alcohol is sure to lead you towards depression, as strong links are found between the two. Even abuse of recreational drugs leads to depression in many cases.
  • Past head injury: This is a rare case, but it is found in some people. The previous head injury might have damaged some brain cells and may lead to some mental disorders including depression.

Symptoms of Depression
If you ever come across any of the symptoms of depression, then make sure to take the affected individual for an immediate medical consultation. Depressed mood, insomnia, recurrent thoughts to attempt suicide, fatigue, constant guilt feeling, and weight loss are some of the common symptoms apparent in an individual going through depression.
Why choose ARC?
Doctors at ARC provide mental support to such patients and often conduct interactive sessions with them so that they share the problem with their doctors and in return, appropriate measures could be taken. Extending mental support, Psychotherapy, and drug treatment are the obvious treatment solutions available, but every case is different and each case requires different treatment. The team at ARC is devoted to ensuring the well-being of patients and has helped many patients overcome depression in recent years. They are all leading a happy and healthy life today. Hence, ARC is an obvious choice and it is sure to help you out in the best possible manner.



Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"