Premature Ovarian Failure

At the age of 40 women stops to produce eggs and they become infertile, i.e. they are unable to conceive. However, many young women face irregular menses, and there are another group of women, who skip periods for months. This irregularity in periods in younger women may be the outcome of various reasons, but one that is less common among all the women is Premature Ovarian Failure or POF. According to the doctors, among 100 women, POF leads to infertility only to a single lady. If this condition remains undiagnosed, then it may result in serious complication in future to the patient and thus, knowing the insight details of the POF is utterly essential.

Symptoms of POF

Symptoms and signs of POF are quite similar to the menopause, and they are same as the case of estrogen deficiency. They include – 

  • •Difficult conceiving
  • •Skipped or irregular periods
  • •Night sweats
  • •Vaginal dryness
  • •Reduced sexual desire
  • •Difficulty in concentrating

Among the vast list of symptoms of POF, these are the most irritating and troublesome.

Reason Behind the Occurrence of POF

A woman releases egg after 24-30 days, and the released egg reaches to the fallopian tube. Here it mates with the sperm and makes a zygote. However, in the case of the patients who are suffering from the POF can’t form and sustain the zygote inside their womb. This may happen due to various reasons; some of them are mentioned below.

  • •Chromosomal defects
  • •Ovaries induced with toxin due to chemo therapy
  • •Autoimmune disease

Except these, Unknown factors can also lead you to the POF. In that case, you need to follow the recommendation of your doctor for better treatment.

Risk Factors
Women, who are suffering from the POF, are prone to a greater amount of risk depending upon the several factors. Let’s look into them

Age – in the case of women between 35 to 40 years of age are more prone to have this disease

Family history – if there is anyone in the family who suffers from POF, then the chances of developing this issue is much higher

Ovarian Surgeries – Multiple Surgeries Can Lead To POF

Reasons to Choose the ARC for POF Treatment

  1. ARC has been viably treating patients experiencing POF and has conveyed effective outcomes in doing this
  2. Hormone therapy, Pain medication, assisted reproductive technology and surgeries are a portion of the treatment strategies that are attempted at ARC to treat the various state of POF
  3. The specialists at ARC take great care of their patients, and the staff is exceptionally co-agent on all issues
  4. The fundamental target of ARC is to expedite a grin on the patient's face, and it has been effective to accelerate a grin the substance of many moms

Premature Ovarian Failure is not like cancer but like a cough and cold. You may not completely diagnose it, but the effect of this disease can be reduced to a great extent. For better treatment and more knowledge of POF, it is good to visit treatment centres like ARC, which provide excellent and authentic service at a reasonable price.

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