Previous Pregnancy Problems

If you have faced problems during your last pregnancy and are apprehensive about conceiving the next time, then the best thing is to approach a doctor for a detailed consultation. There are many cases, which face complications during their pregnancy but these complications can be overcome by proper treatments. Some cases lead to miscarriages while others have a chance of being treated. ARC makes sure to look after your previous pregnancy details in a detailed manner; so that they can help you out with your next pregnancy and also reduce the recurrence of previous pregnancy problems.

Previous pregnancy problems can be categorized into two broad categories viz: Fetal Problems and Maternal Problems.

Fetal Problems

Previous Down Syndrome baby, structural malformation, severe growth restriction, unexplained neonatal death and recurrent miscarriage are some fetal problems that constitute previous fetal problems. If a woman has faced any of these problems, the risk remains of the disease, or problem to reoccur in the female body during its next pregnancy. If the previous pregnancy was followed by a miscarriage or problems while delivery, then it becomes mandatory to get professional medical guidance and plan accordingly for the next pregnancy. However, doctors make sure to keep sufficient gap between both the pregnancies, as a female body needs time to regain strength and become healthy again.

Maternity Problems

Extreme hypertension, known medical problems related to any body organ, previous major surgery, diseases like diabetes or thyroid, and autoimmune conditions like SLE are the major problems that constitute maternity problems. The occurrence of any of these problems is sure to cause major problems during pregnancy and the woman may find it difficult to continue her pregnancy further. Such cases always require sensitive medical care and require a stringent routine to be followed by the woman in order to lower the risk associated with these problems. It is definitely not a wise decision to consider conceiving again without having an expert opinion on the same, as usually after a pregnancy characterized by problems, it becomes necessary for the female body to take rest and regain her strength again. All this requires some time and decisions should never be made in a hurry.

Why Choose ARC?

ARC in its capacity as one of the best infertility hospitals in India provides appropriate treatments in a timely manner. The professionals at ARC have managed to save a number of lives, which could have been in danger due to serious fetal and maternity problems being faced by a woman. Pregnancy is a state where attention is not only required by the woman but also the baby that is in her fetus. Hence, even the slightest of mistake or ignorance, in this case, might lead to problems that have to be faced by both the mother and the unborn child. ARC incorporates the use of modern day technology along with their treatment techniques to provide effective results. ARC includes doctors that have years of experience and are industry experts for long. They have extreme knowledge in all domains and are the best ones to help you out with your maternity problems.

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