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The term sexual dysfunction is looked upon differently by different individuals. But in simple words, it is the difficulty that couple faces during any sexual activity and finds it difficult to cope with this problem, as this disease not only affects couples sexual life but also causes problems in their married life as well. Sexual Dysfunction may take any form and is not only limited to erectile dysfunction or lack of interest in sex. Doctors at ARC look after such cases with utmost sensitivity and guarantee to keep your personal information in a secure manner, so a couple has not to worry about their privacy and clearly discuss the problems being faced by them.

When people talk about sexual dysfunction, they don’t have a clear understanding of the term and its occurrence in women. A brief description has been given for a better understanding of the entire concept.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women

There are some distinct sexual disorders that are limited to women alone. Hormonal changes and other medical conditions might be the probable reasons. Few examples of sexual dysfunction in women are:

  • Vaginal Dryness: When the vagina is not properly lubricated, it may lead to severe pain during intercourse and also result in low libido and problems related to arousal and sexual desire. Vaginal dryness often leads to painful intercourse experience in women which in turns reduces her desire to have sex.
  • Difficulty in Achieving Orgasm: Depression is the main root cause of this problem. Less orgasm or almost no orgasm is a problem that can affect both the partners and disrupt their sexual life.
  • Low Libido: If estrogen levels are lowered in a female body, it is followed by a lack of sexual desire. This is caused due to depression, fatigue, and even anxiety.

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

The causes are complex and not easy to identify. In some cases, it was found that women who faced sexual abuse in their past, have sexual disorders. They lack the interest and are unwilling to engage in any sexual activity. Apart from this, relationship problems, emotional problems, gynecologic problems, tiredness, diseases such as diabetes or fatigue are also considered as primary causes of sexual dysfunction in women. However, all these causes can be eliminated from their root, if proper and timely treatment is followed. Doctors at ARC will help you overcome all such problems and also aim to provide with a treatment that results in nonoccurrence of such diseases in future.

Why Choose ARC?

People are usually reluctant to visit a doctor for sexual problems, as they often hesitate to disclose proper facts and details that are required to be known before deciding on a particular course of action. Doctors at ARC try to create a comfortable environment where couples can clearly state their problems without any hesitation and their personal information and history are recorded in a safe, secure and reliable manner so people need not worry about privacy and security parameters. Moreover, the team at ARC has carried out several successful treatments related to sexual disorders, so problem resolving is guaranteed at this hospital.


Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"