Sympto-Thermal Method

Family planning is one of the most crucial parts of every human being’s life, and Sympto is one of the best and inexpensive methods of family planning that has been scientifically proven ad is co-operative in nature. The most important factor upon which Sympto is based is the awareness of the fertility of a woman and her natural cycle and also on the familiarity of a man’s constant fertility. This innovative and useful method allows a couple to have a better understanding, power of acceptance, and to make the correct use of the fertility of each of them in making a family choice. It is also considered as the most reliable method among other the family planning methods.

How Sympto-Thermal Method acts?

The Sympto-Thermal method is dependent on the observations made on the basis of the daily recordings of a woman’s fertility. The primary considerations include –

  • The body temperature of a woman to be very accurate the basal one
  • The cervical mucus
  • Any changes observed inside the cervix
  • And also any other symptoms noticed in the ovulation

The above things are watched carefully, and then they are recorded on a special chart known as the ‘Serena-Sympto Thermal Method Charts.’ All the gathered information then help in empowering the couples to create family planning choices or delay the entire process if they want.

Have a brief idea about the various aspects of a woman’s fertility

  1. The menstrual cycle is briefly divided into three stages involving ovulation as the priority event. The phase before ovulation is called the Pre-ovulatory period which is an infertile phase and the one after ovulation is called as the Post-ovulatory period which is a definitely infertile phase.
  2. Ovulation involves the process where the estrogen reaches its peak level and starts the entire action. The brain centre secretes a kind of hormone which initiates the ovulation process.
  3. To keep a chart of the woman’s fertility is extremely important in the case of Sympto method as it decides the entire following course of action.
  4. Identification of the ovulation period is another significant thing that needs to be kept in mind.
  5. Charting helps to identify the natural infertility period that can be avoided if a couple wants to make family planning.

Reason behind choosing the ARC

Reason to choose the ARC for Sympto treatment are mentioned below –

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  • Online examine stage enables patients to talk uninhibitedly with the specialists
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So, if you want to plan your family and want to live your life according to your choice, then the Sympto mechanism can really help you.

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