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Infertility originally refers to the inability of a person to contribute to conception after participating in regular unprotected sex. Infertility generally results due to the biological inability of the individual. It can even refer to a female who is unable to carry the pregnancy up to the full term. Most nations and societies refer to couples that have failed in conceiving a child birth after 12 months of continued sexual intercourse as infertile. Infertility can arise due to many problems, most of which can be treated. Fortunately, ARC is teeming with the best professionals to give you the best care that you need.

According to data collected at different times

  • 20% of couples conceive within one month
  • 70% of couples conceive within six months
  • 85% conceive within the year
  • 90% conceive with a year and a half
  • and 95% will conceive within two years

That is why infertility diagnosis should be conducted after the second year.

Infertility Treatment Journey

There are lots of treatment for infertility and with ARC, you would be in safe hands that would provide the best-in-class diagnosis and treatment for your conditions. Both men and women can have problems with their fertility. The male factor, female factor or even both of them will be checked using the latest technologies and proper guidance will be provided.

Personalized Treatment

The problems for infertility vary from person to person and proper care is thus needed. Therefore, the physicians at ARC will make sure that you get the care you need to walk on the path to parenthood.

Fertility Medications

Fertility medications in women are necessary to make sure that ovulation is more prominent, predictable and consistent. Some women might be having infrequent ovulation and the goal should be to regulate the frequency so that one egg per cycle is released. The women who have regular ovulation can achieve two eggs per cycle through the medication. The increase in fertility can improve the chances of pregnancy. Fertility medications can even increase the rate to three eggs, thus increasing the chances of twins and triplets. The goal is generally that of a single and healthy child.

Injectable Hormones

Injectable hormones are sometimes used in addition to that of fertility medications. They can further increase the chances of ovulation to two to four eggs per cycle. This would increase chances of pregnancy and also of that of multiple babies.

Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine Insemination involves the treatment where sperms are directly delivered into the female uterine or reproductive tract. This method is generally preferred when the infertility is a result of male-factor infertility. Intrauterine Insemination can be performed during the natural ovulation cycle. It can also be combined with fertility medications and even injectable hormones to further increase the chances of conception.

In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization is the most effective procedure. In those cases, where none of the other methods takes effect, In Vitro Fertilization is performed.

All these steps are involved in the typical infertility treatment journey. ARC takes care of you throughout the journey and makes sure everything goes right even when you are at your most vulnerable. This can be a difficult time for most couples and ARC understands that. The professionals at ARC will guide you all along the way and make the journey enjoyable.


Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"