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Pregnancy is an uncontainable joy that you and your partner would expect to enjoy. Have you experienced the situation in which both of you wait for days, months and years to experience this joy? Many couples have been into such an experience but there is nothing to worry because all you need is the help of an infertility doctor.


Under 35 and Healthy

If you are in this category then all you have to do is to wait. An average healthy couple usually takes almost 12 months to get pregnant. Try for 12 months after you have stopped using birth control and check the result. If you fail to conceive even the, you can consult your infertility doctor.

Over 35

In medical terms, when a woman crossed 35 years old, the stage is labeled as “advanced maternal age”. In this stage, it is best to wait for 6 months as the chances of maternity start dipping around. If you fail to conceive after 6 months then the only option available to you is to consult an infertility doctor.

Over 40

This is a tricky age to get pregnant. The quality and quantity of the egg of a woman decrease after 40. Therefore, the chances of conceiving become lesser and chances of miscarriages go higher. But this fact should not dishearten you as many women over age 40 do get pregnant and give birth to a child. It is better to consult a doctor before conceiving as the doctor will give you required tips on improving the chances of getting pregnant.

High or Low BMI

Body Mass Index or BMI is also one of the concerns for pregnancy. High BMI or Low BMI impacts the reproductive functions and hormonal balances. Consult your doctor if you are underweight or overweight.

Thyroid Condition

Having a thyroid issue can affect your chances of getting pregnant. So, it is advised to consult a fertility specialist as the only option if you are suffering from thyroid and failed to get pregnant.

Multiple Miscarriages

Multiple miscarriages can affect you both emotionally and physically. But, do not let it cause you any stress. Get a check-up from your fertility doctor as a thorough check-up will reveal the cause of miscarriages and your doctor will advise you to follow medical steps accordingly.

Why Choose ARC?

ARC Fertility is dedicated to providing complete care related to infertility. With a specialized doctor of ARC, you will get all the necessary treatments to overcome the difficulty and hopefully get pregnant soon. ARC has word class facilities to provide you the best care.

A dedicated clinic to provide complete care related to infertility. With a specialized doctor



Authored by "Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan" and "Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan"